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Lisa Fox: Bio

lisa_face.jpgA spirited singer who covers the Jazz, classical, gospel, and folk genres with aplomb, Lisa Fox currently heads up the Lisa Fox Jazz Trio, based in Seattle.

Having studied classical music at Saint Mary’s College, Lisa then learned gospel from Cora Jackson, Jazz with Jay Clayton at Cornish College of the Arts and later she studied with internationally acclaimed jazz vocalist Greta Matassa.  Lisa sang with the Shades of Praise Gospel Choir for many years, recorded three CDs, and toured with the group in China.

Over the years, Lisa has been under the tutelage of 10 vocal coaches who have each encouraged her to sing from the heart and to form her own style.

Her earliest memory was of singing in the back seat of her parents Plymouth into her pretend microphone, and seeing her parents looking at each other and smiling.  It was from that experience with her first attentive audience that she knew she wanted to sing.

“When I perform, I lose myself in the experience.  I love that!  It is a magical feeling. Singing makes me feel alive and it feeds the soul.”

And after one listen, you’ll feel the same way. Such is the magnanimity of Lisa Fox’s voice.